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Puppy Classes Greenwich

 Join our Puppy Classes in Greenwich and help set your puppy up for success!

Online Puppy Coaching Now Offered!

Contact me at Advice@katsanddogs.co.uk for more information if the below sounds like it may be of interest to you. 

Come be a SuperPup!

Kats and Dogs is pleased to announce that our original Puppy Classes – branded as SuperPups! has now gone ONLINE!

The Course includes 13 sessions covering common puppy issues such as

  • Dog Body Language
  • Dispelling Common Dog Training Myths
  • How do I stop my puppy jumping up?
  • How do I stop my puppy biting?
  • How do I teach my puppy to walk nicely on the lead?
  • How do I stop my puppy eating and chewing everything?
  • Puppy Toilet Training
  • Basic Commands such as Sit, Down, Touch, Stay, Drop, Leave it as well as coming when called.

Help set your puppy up for success as an adult dog with the below life skills!

  • knows (and can follows) the rules and will be helped to make the right choices
  • can be calm, listen, like to be touched, handled and groomed
  • have good manners and can say “please”
  • handle frustration and have patience
  • have confidence and cope with surprises
  • have the right to be a dog and express themselves politely both with humans and other dogs

These sessions can be done once a week or twice a week depending on preference and would involve
  • An initial meeting to double check and fix any technical issues. This also allows us to discuss dog body language, how I work and how dog training online will work
  • Six Online Information Sessions – where we talk about key issues such as Common Puppy Problems and discuss what the homework exercises will be for you and your dog to do
  • A weekly handout with step by step instructions for key behaviours and the commands that most owners would like their dogs to know
  • Six Online One to One Coaching Sessions with you and your dog on camera, where I will then coach you to help you both progress. These sessions can also be recorded (if you wish) so that I can go over them with you and give you any additional training tips! 
The course will involve a lot of one to one individual support because it is online and as such it is a bit more expensive than when my time can be split between multiple owners in a hall. I do however think it offers great value for money as each session will be an hour.

The total cost for this is £325 which works out to only £25 per session.

I normally charge £50 per hour for one to one sessions which are face to face. I am also happy to discuss payment plans if they would be helpful for those who are finding that their income has been reduced.

Graduate of SuperPups! are also entitled to:

  • a 10% discount on any future one to one sessions or future classes
  • Membership of a Private Facebook Group for local dog owners, walkers, groomers and other pet professionals so you can share advice, products you love, walks you’ve found etc.

    If this all sounds of interest to you – please do sign up below