Puppy Classes Greenwich

 Join our Online Puppy Classes and help set your puppy up for success!

Kats and Dogs is pleased to announce that our original Puppy Classes – branded as SuperPups! has now gone ONLINE!

Why Online?

Whilst group puppy classes used to be the only way to go, technology means that we can now work in better more constructive ways. Socialisation is certainly important for your puppy but this is about so so much MORE than just meeting other dogs. Its also about learning key life skills, getting used to being in a domestic home environment, and in my experience puppies often struggle to learn these in a highly distracting environment.

Some other advantages of doing your puppy classes online are :

  • You can get started right away! As you can do sessions from home there is no need to wait for vaccinations
  • Puppies learn best in the least distracting environment, and this is your home.
  • No more worries about classes being cancelled due to bad weather or being in a freezing cold church hall
  • No more injury risk for your puppy slipping on a wooden floor
  • You can get all the family involved, as opposed to only being to have one family member in a group class
  • Less distractions for you as well, so you can easily remember what you have learnt
  • Group classes are recorded and so you can easily re-watch anything if you want to have a recap
  • Individual Sessions can be tailored specifically to you and YOUR puppies needs and you don’t have to progress at the same speed as everyone else in a class
  • At least one scheduled meet ups with others within the same group for supervised puppy interaction and help in putting skills your nearly learned skill into practice.

What Does the Course Cover?

The Course includes 13 sessions covering common puppy issues such as

  • Dog Body Language
  • Dispelling Common Dog Training Myths
  • How do I stop my puppy jumping up?
  • How do I stop my puppy biting?
  • How do I teach my puppy to walk nicely on the lead?
  • How do I stop my puppy eating and chewing everything?
  • Puppy Toilet Training
  • Basic Commands such as Sit, Down, Touch, Stay, Drop, Leave it as well as coming when called.Help set your puppy up for success as an adult dog with the below life skills!
  • knows (and can follows) the rules and will be helped to make the right choices
  • can be calm, listen, like to be touched, handled and groomed
  • have good manners and can say “please”
  • handle frustration and have patience
  • have confidence and cope with surprises
  • have the right to be a dog and express themselves politely both with humans and other dogs

How much does it Cost and what does that include?

The Course  Fee is £325 and this includes:

  • Six Online Group Classes with other puppies owners where we will discuss life skills and your homework for the week. This also allows you to share experiences and encourage your fellow puppy guardians.
  • Six Individual one to one Coaching Sessions so we can work at the speed of YOUR puppy and address and specific concerns, or areas that you particularly want to work on. These sessions are fully tailored to you.
  • A weekly handout with step by step instructions for key behaviours and the commands that most owners would like their dogs to know
  • A group WhatsApp Chat for all other puppy gaurdians in your group, so you can arrange meet ups, swap success stories and share any tips or tricks!
  • Individual one to one support with me via WhatsApp so if you are struggling or have a question you dont have to wait till your next session and can mak
  • Membership of a Private Facebook Group for local dog owners, walkers, groomers and other pet professionals so you can share advice, products you love, walks you’ve found etc.
  • a 15% discount on any future one to one sessions or future classes

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